“Industrial Robo” to be available at $1,000 retail price in March

A robotic vacuum cleaner designed by Austin-based startup Zep Industrial towels has received a $1 million funding round from a group led by tech entrepreneur Austin Walker.

Zep Industries’ Zep Industries robots are designed to perform tasks like cleaning, drying, and vacuuming, but also to assist the company in its research and development, according to a company press release.ZEP Industries’ industrial robot is designed to clean, dry, and vacuum a room.

It will be available to the public in March.

Zeps robot can vacuum up to 500 times per minute.

The company is also developing a similar vacuum cleaner, dubbed Zep Micro, which it said will be smaller, smaller and cheaper.

The company plans to start shipping the industrial robot in March, Walker said in the press release, adding that the company has received an “awesome” response from investors.

Zebos, a company that helps companies manage robots, announced earlier this month that it was bringing its robotic vacuum to the U.S. in March to compete with the likes of Amazon, GE and Apple.

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