China’s ‘Kak’ industry: What’s going on?

The government is expected to release the national plan next week, the first step in an ambitious plan to transform China’s economy.

The national plan aims to make the economy more competitive, encourage innovation and promote economic growth.

It also calls for a major shakeup of the state-owned industries to help reduce the country’s reliance on state-run enterprises.

The plan calls for companies to be formed from smaller groups of 10 to 20, with smaller companies competing with larger ones.

This could lead to a shift to more efficient and efficient businesses.

It aims to reduce the number of state-controlled enterprises by at least 50 percent, while increasing competition among smaller enterprises.

China has around 50,000 private firms, or companies, and a total of 1.2 trillion yuan ($1.8 trillion) in total assets, according to official figures.

It has about 5.2 million factories, or production units, and about 1.6 trillion yuan in total exports.

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