How a Dive Bomb Made a Billion in the US from China

In the 1980s, China’s dive bomb, made from scrap metal, was a huge hit in the United States.

Now, thanks to the technology that it was developed on, the bomb is in the hands of the military, and there’s a whole industry of it.

China’s divers are the largest divers in the world.

And their main goal is to stay alive and get to the surface safely.

Divers, though, can be deadly if they fall into the wrong hands.

As part of its dive bomb program, China recently deployed a new type of dive bomb.

The new weapon is a small, light-weight device that’s made from an alloy of steel and aluminum.

It weighs just over one kilogram.

And it can launch from a water tank.

But because of the weight and the fact that it’s made of steel, it can be dropped in the ocean or air and be deflected into the sea.

The military hopes that this device, called a duxing, will reduce divers’ reliance on diving to get to shore.

In China, it’s a way to give the military the edge.

“The dux is the most reliable and best option to get divers to shore,” the PLA told New York magazine.

“If we use it, we will win the war against the enemy.”

Divers are the biggest divers in China, and they’re not the only ones in China.

Chinese divers are also known for being a highly skilled and resourceful group of people.

They have the potential to be a major force in the fight against terrorism.

A new report published in the journal Strategic Studies Quarterly found that China’s military and its divers have been building a network of safe areas around the country for years, allowing them to operate in the vast sea of water around their country.

These areas have been equipped with bunkers, shelters, and surveillance cameras, according to the report.

This network has been expanded to include the country’s airspace and ports, according the report, which was written by the Brookings Institution’s Taisei Xu and co-authored by Nicholas C. Stavropoulos and William G. Gershenfeld.

They found that Chinese divers were responsible for “a staggering 40 percent of all [non-combat] civilian deaths in the Asia-Pacific region during 2015,” the report states.

One of the more surprising findings of the report is that Chinese officials have been trying to develop a new kind of dive weapon, known as a deng, that can be deployed from the air or from land.

So far, the Chinese government hasn’t been able to develop any sort of deng weapon.

But this year, the country has been trying its best to improve its dive bombs, according a report from the United Nations.

Since 2015, China has been developing new dive bombs for its divers, according research by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

But in June, China deployed two new types of dive bombs to the waters of the East China Sea, where it’s located.

With the new dive bombers, the PLA has taken another step forward in its dive weapon program, and it’s also taking a step back from the surface.

When the duxes were first deployed, the U.S. Navy said it was the most advanced U.N. mission in decades.

But as the war in Syria and North Korea heated up, China began testing a dong and other new devices.

China’s dive bombs and other divers’ weapons, like the Deng Dong, were developed by Chinese companies.

According to the Brookings report, Chinese companies have also been working to improve their divers’ survivability and speed in the air, according of the recent findings.

China began using its military divers to make their weapons a few years ago, and this is an attempt to make the weapons more survivable.

And this is not the first time China has experimented with diving weapons.

On March 27, the Ministry of Defense of the People’s Republic of China announced that it had developed an anti-submarine warfare weapon that can launch torpedoes and mines.

The announcement came two days after China launched a drone that could launch a drone at targets up to 1,000 meters (4,600 feet) away.

While China has a long history of testing weapons, the recent tests are different from previous tests, according for instance to the size and weight of the bomb.

China is also now testing a range of weapons, ranging from small submarines to long-range missiles, and the country is developing new air defense systems.

And with the rise of North Korea, China is also increasingly worried about its military.

For instance, China said that it is ready to deploy a missile defense system to protect itself against the North Korean nuclear threat.

But it’s unclear whether the missile defense is capable of defending against a long-ranged missile, which could hit the mainland of the United Kingdom, or

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