Australia’s top earring brands: An industry survey

Posted November 15, 2018 09:00:16An industry survey is being carried out by the Australian Industry Group to understand the changing needs of consumers.

Industry expert and researcher, and entrepreneur, John Patt, said the survey found earrings were a key factor in the industry.

“There’s a huge appetite for earrings.

I think we’re in a place where we can’t keep up with the demand,” he said.”

The other category is earring that are sold internationally, and that is a huge category of earrings.””

One of them is earrings that are made in Australia, like earrings made in the United States.”

The other category is earring that are sold internationally, and that is a huge category of earrings.

“Industry insiders say earrings are a big reason for Australia’s success as an earring maker.”

They’ve always been there, but they’ve been very niche,” Mr Patt said.”[They’ve been] very niche in terms of their price point, and their quality.

“I think earrings have always been something that has been quite niche in Australia.”

Now that it’s become a big industry, and it’s grown, I think there’s more demand for it.

“Mr Patt says earrings can have a range of aesthetic and function, depending on the design.”

People like to wear them as rings around the neck, they can be used as necklaces, they’re a great way to wear your necktie, and they’re very functional and they can even be a fashion accessory,” he explained.”

You can really tell from looking at an ear ring whether or not it’s going to fit you, because you can see the fit on the inside.

“Mr Pat said earrings had evolved from the early-1900s era when they were a staple in the Victorian style of dress.”

Back then, they were made by hand, but the makers were very much into making jewellery,” he noted.”

So in that sense, you’ve got a very different set of requirements.

“But Mr Patt also said the earring industry had become increasingly mainstream in the past decade.”

It’s not just earrings, but also earrings in the workplace, which is another big change in the last 10 to 15 years,” he added.”

And we’re seeing people in the community wear them to work and they see people wearing earrings around their necks as well.

“These are the kinds of things that we really want to see.”

What we’re trying to get to is what are the trends and what are people’s preferences, and how do we keep the consumer engaged in the earrings industry?

“Mr Patt said the industry needed to find ways to engage with younger consumers, especially in younger demographics.”

But we need to recognise that it isn’t just about the ear rings.

There’s a lot of other things that are going on in terms and the types of people that are looking for earring styles and earrings,” he continued.”

A lot of the younger consumers that we have are really interested in the aesthetics and the functions and the design and the looks of these earrings and they want to know what we’re up to.


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