Which companies in the United States are making the biggest profits?

The United States is a leading exporter of industrial products, including steel, aluminum and aluminum products.

However, the industries that make the largest profits in the country are among those that are also among the most controversial and have been blamed for increasing worker deaths.

These are companies that manufacture parts for products such as vehicles, furniture and appliances.

The report says these companies earn an average of $15.8 billion per year.

However these companies also make money from advertising and promotions that encourage employees to spend more money.

It also includes industries that provide services, such as cleaning and sanitation, and that produce equipment for manufacturing.

The industries that have the highest profits are the aluminum, steel, aerospace, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.

The bottom of the list is the petrochemical industry, which is making a profit of $2.5 billion.

This is followed by oil and gas, gas and oil and natural gas.

The bottom line: The top five industries that earn the highest profit per worker, according to the report, are among the largest in the U.S. The top six are the chemical industry, aluminum, glass, plastics, and electricity.

These six industries make up over half of the total profits of these industries.

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