When NFI Industries announced their industrial pipe plant, they weren’t kidding around

The pipe plant at NFI is one of the most environmentally friendly pipe plants in the world.

This plant has been operating for almost a decade now, but that was only a year ago.

The facility was originally built to make pipe for electrical equipment, but the plant is now used for making pipe for other industries.

The pipe company is using the pipe to make steel for the company’s pipes, but also has been making it for the military.

The steel used in the pipe was made by NFI and used to make the military’s pipe for military use.

The military is the most powerful military force in the U.S. and the pipe plant is used to build that force.

The pipeline company has been working on a pipe plant since 2009.

They were looking for a new location, and decided to go to a city in South Carolina to build a pipe factory.

The city that NFI chose is located in Wilmington, South Carolina.

Wilmington is home to a huge steel mill that makes steel for many industries, including military equipment.

The plant at the industrial pipe factory has the ability to produce around 20,000 tons of steel a year.

They have the capacity to produce 50,000 metric tons of the pipe each year, which is equivalent to the output of more than 30 U.K. nuclear power stations.

NFI has been using this pipe plant for a few years now, and now the company has decided to start building a new facility in the state.

The new facility will be used to produce pipe for the commercial use, but will also be used for military purposes.

The project will cost around $6 million and the company plans to build it in 2021.

The work that is being done is part of NFI’s efforts to reduce emissions and pollution.

The company’s environmental management plan calls for the pipe company to produce 20,100 metric tons annually of steel, but this number is not a very accurate figure.

The current plant is actually producing more steel than that, which means the pipe that is produced is actually more than 20,300 metric tons.

This pipe plant also produces coal, which has a high carbon footprint.

Nfi is hoping to build its first new industrial pipe facility in a couple of years.

This is good news for the environment as well as the military as the facility will help reduce emissions that are caused by nuclear power plants.

NFi is not alone in making industrial pipe in the United States.

There are a number of other pipe companies in the country that also make industrial pipe.

One of the largest, the American Pipe and Pipe Mill, has been producing pipe for around 50 years.

In 2014, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

American Pipe & Pipe Mill was acquired by NGE, the nation’s largest pipe company, which will now be responsible for producing the pipe at the new plant.

NGE is one that is very committed to reducing their carbon footprint and has already reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by over 50 percent since their acquisition.

It will be interesting to see how NFI handles this project, as it is already a long way from being built.

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