ICAP Industrial Air Compressor to Be Launched in 2018

China Industrial Aviation Corp. (ICAP) Industrial Air compressor (ICAPS) has been granted a patent application for a system of air compressors to be developed for the industrial air compressor market in 2018.ICAP, which has been manufacturing the air compressor for years in its Chengdu facility, has recently raised its capital from two Chinese investment funds.

The patent application was filed on June 29, 2018, and was submitted by ICAP with a patent number of 11/811.

According to the patent application, the system of ICAP air compressers consists of a main engine with a central compressor and auxiliary engines, the compressor and compressor engine are connected via a power supply line and a compressor-as-a-service system, where the auxiliary engines are provided by the supplier and the main engine is provided by a customer.

The system can be powered by an electric generator, a diesel generator or a gas turbine.ICAPS, according to the application, can provide a maximum air compressor air capacity of 2.5 MW (million cubic feet) and a maximum compressed air capacity, or CAC, of 25 MW.

It is claimed that the system can generate more than 20% of the air consumed in China and has a capacity of 40% when combined with a fuel capacity of 1.6 MW.ICCAP is expected to produce air compressions at a rate of 1 MW per day for air freight, while the compressor air will be shipped at a maximum rate of 50 MW per month, according the patent.ICCPs are also expected to have a range of applications, ranging from construction and maintenance to production of power, transportation and communications equipment.ICCAs industrial air compressor has the potential to have the capacity to deliver up to 15.5% of demand in the industrial aviation market, which is expected increase to 20% by 2020.ICP, a subsidiary of China Industrial Aeronautics Corporation (ICCA), is a state-owned manufacturer of air compressor, compressor-based systems for the aerospace and defense industries.

The company was founded in 1996 and has manufactured and sold air compressives and compressor-generators for years.

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