How to build your own coal-fired power plant

What you need to know about building a power plant: 1.

The cost of building a coal-powered power plant is more than $50 billion and rising.


The plant would cost about $4.8 billion.


The U.S. currently uses coal for about 70% of its electricity.


But coal’s price is set to drop even more because China and India have pledged to phase out coal-based electricity in the next few years.


The federal government has already spent $300 billion on clean energy investments.


The Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan would help reduce emissions by cutting power plant emissions by 20% by 2030.


The EPA and other government agencies estimate that by 2030 the U.K. and other countries will meet their 2020 CO2 reduction goals.


The Trump administration is reviewing a new plan that would limit emissions from existing coal-burning power plants.


Coal mining in the U: coal mining in Appalachia is booming, but so is the coal industry’s ability to get cheap energy to remote locations in the United States.


The industry’s biggest threat to the coal business is rising pollution from smokestacks.


The coal industry relies heavily on imports of coal and other raw materials, which have also been tied to the region’s climate problems.


The Clean Power plan could help curb climate change, especially with a Republican president in the White House.

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