‘Harmony’ Producer Says ‘A Great Show’ Will Be a ‘Biggest Hit’ to the Industry

“Harmonix is really trying to build an industry that’s going to be huge,” said producer Matt Soper, who worked on the first Rockline.

“They have an amazing team and they have a huge amount of talent and they’re trying to make it a great show.

The fans are going to love it.

It’s going a big hit.”

The team at Harmonix also have a new CEO and director of marketing, and the company is trying to get into new territories in terms of partnerships with other studios.

“We are really focused on the future,” said Soper.

“What we want to do is build an audience, an audience that can watch our shows, not just for our games but for any genre that we might make.”

“Harma is a great brand, but it has to go beyond that,” he added.

“Hollywood has to be really big to be successful, but they can’t just be a movie studio.

We want to be an industry.”

Harmonix has been in the industry for 15 years.

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