Worthingtons ‘Black Panther’ trailer reveals more about Wakanda’s heroes

By MTV NewsThe trailer for “Black Panther” shows off Wakanda as it was in the 1960s, and features some of the original Black Panther characters from the comics, but it also includes a few new ones.

Wendy Wu, who directed the trailer, says it’s not the most accurate representation of Wakanda, and that it’s been a challenge to get the tone right.

Wu told MTV News she’s always wanted to tell a story of a black superhero, and this is her chance.

Wang Teck Lee, a writer on the film and producer of the upcoming TV series “Hawaii Five-0,” said the original “Black Panthers” comic was meant to be about the idea that black people are good, and there are a lot of good black people in the world.

The movie follows the exploits of the Black Panther and the other members of the League of Assassins, who go to Wakanda in the early 60s to investigate the murder of the leader of a white supremacist gang, Panther, by a black man.

The League of Assassin, a racist organization, is led by Black Panther, who is also the Black Messiah, the symbol of the black race.

The original Black Panthers movie was one of the best films of the ’60s, with George C. Scott leading a team of heroes that was one half of a group of superheroes called the Black Avengers.

Lee, who co-wrote the script with Lee and is producing the movie, said they were trying to be as accurate as possible, because “it’s about black people, and the story is really about the struggle that they’ve been through.”

We want to do justice to the world and be as true to the history as we possibly can.

We really wanted to give a fair and accurate portrayal of this great African nation, which is the most beautiful country in the history of the world, but also the most brutal and brutalized, Lee said.

We wanted to capture the true spirit of the story and the history that was being told at the time, he said.

The trailer includes a flashback to a time when Wakanda was a part of the United Nations, with Wakanda residents being given a chance to vote on who should be president, a decision that has been interpreted as the first step in a dictatorship.

Lee said that was something that’s never been done before in a superhero movie, but that Wakanda is the only place in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe that had that opportunity, and it’s a big part of what makes Wakanda so beautiful.

The filmmakers also wanted to make sure that they were telling a story that was not a white person telling a white story, but the story of the Wakanda people, Lee added.

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