Why the Brooklyn skyline is changing at the expense of the Brooklyn waterfront

Brooklyn’s skyline is in a state of flux and some projects are being abandoned, but it’s not the only part of the borough that is undergoing a dramatic transformation.

The Brooklyn waterfront, for instance, is under construction on the Brooklyn side of the island.

There are plans to build a $100 million, 1.3-mile pier in the bay, with a casino and hotel and a casino restaurant on the site.

The Pier, the centerpiece of the project, is scheduled to open in 2020, and the Pier will feature a glass canopy that will be topped by a canopy of glass to allow light into the pier, which will be built from sea level to 6.6 feet above sea level.

This is one of the highest points in the United States, and its proximity to the New York skyline has created concerns among residents who want to protect it from the rising tide.

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is under development on the other side of Brooklyn and is slated to open to the public in 2019.

The Pier and the Navy Yard will be a major part of this project, which is also designed to be open to all residents.

On the waterfront, the construction of a massive new casino, the Barclays Center, is slated for completion in 2020.

The casino will have a casino-like feel, with the roof of the casino building covering nearly a quarter of the building, and it will feature an open-air plaza on the plaza’s eastern end, where patrons can enjoy the waterfront and other attractions.

The project also will include a hotel and restaurants.

There are also plans to expand the Brooklyn Bridge to a level that is approximately half the width of the current bridge, but not much more, as a result of concerns about rising water levels.

There is also the ongoing construction of the Barclays Bridge, which runs from the Queens waterfront to the Manhattan shore, where it will be used to link up the Brooklyn Island to the Staten Island Ferry.

This bridge, which spans the Hudson River, is one part of a larger project that includes the Manhattan Bridge and the New Jersey Turnpike.

There is also a proposal to widen the New Haven River from four lanes to six lanes, which would provide more room for the new ferry terminal to open.

On Staten Island, the Staten Islanders plan to begin construction of an elevated pedestrian bridge over the Hudson on Staten Island.

The bridge is expected to open by 2028, and is expected be completed by 2024.

In addition to the projects, the Islanders have a massive expansion plan that includes a $50 million residential and commercial project to be built on the Staten Islands, with about 1,000 units.

The plan includes a parking garage and a restaurant, but the project is also under review by the City Council for approval.

The Islanders are also building a $150 million mixed-use development called The Bayside, with condos and apartments planned for the site, as well as a park and recreational area.

The development is part of an $8.7 billion project to develop Staten Island as a mixed-income area.

The development is slated be completed in 2020 and will include 1,300 units of affordable housing and 1,200 apartments, according to the city.

There’s also a proposed 1.5-mile high-rise project called the Queens Park Landing, which could include restaurants, a hotel, and an underground parking garage.

The park is expected open in 2021.

The developers also have a plan to open the Queens-Battery Park in 2021, with an estimated 400 units of housing.

There have been plans to add an additional 1.7 miles of high-rises to the Brooklyn peninsula.

A $4.5 billion project that is being funded by the New Yorkers is expected in 2020 to create an additional 2.6 miles of buildings on the peninsula.

The Barclays Center will feature 1,800 units of luxury condos, condos with balconies, and apartment towers, and a $30 million residential complex.

The residential project is expected complete in 2019, and will be the largest residential project in the country.

The New York City Housing Authority, which manages the Barclays project, has also been developing a plan called the Long Island City, which includes an extension of the Pier and a plan for the Queens Bridge.

Long Island city is located in Long Island, a community that is currently being torn apart by Hurricane Sandy.

The Queens Bridge will be demolished, and plans to open it to the general public in 2021 are expected to begin.

The Brooklyn Borough president, Eric Adams, has said that the borough will begin construction on a bridge to connect Long Island with Brooklyn, and that it will also be completed as part of that project.

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