What’s the deal with the new McDonald’s ad?

Two years ago, McDonald’s released a new ad campaign with an ad that called the company’s new McDonalds restaurant in Salt Lake City a “high-end fast food option.”

While many people were shocked by the new ad, others were happy.

They were expecting it to bring back old memories of the old McDonalds ad from the late 2000s. 

The new ad was so different from the old ad that some people found it to be offensive.

McDonalds, the advertising agency behind the new spot, had the idea to do a bit of a turnaround and try to recreate the look of the original ad.

It was a difficult task to make the new commercial, since it is the same as the old commercial and the new video has the same title, but the new product lines. 

McDonalds released a video explaining the changes to the new “McDonald’s Experience” ad.

The ad was shot in November 2018 and released to the world on October 3, 2019. 

In the new version, a young couple sits in front of a table filled with hamburgers, salads, and other items. 

A waitress walks over and introduces them to the customers and explains that they can now order with a virtual order.

The menu is displayed, and they are given options to choose from: Chicken McNuggets with rice, Fried Chicken with fries, Soup with rice and salad, Chicken McMuffin with fries and salad. 

 Mcdonalds had also decided to use an old image from a McDonald’s menu that was still up on a display in the restaurant to show the difference in menu items.

 As with the old “Mcdonald’s Experience,” this new ad is in black and white, and the music plays.

The new ad shows two women, one in a dress, and one in shorts, standing by a table with the menu displayed on it.

The woman in the dress has a tray of chicken nuggets, and a tray with fries. 

There is also a tray that has salads.

In the old video, the woman in shorts is wearing a black dress and a skirt.

The man in the skirt is wearing jeans.

The new version features the same image as the previous version, but in black-and-white.

Here is the new new ad. 

One thing that the new trailer shows is that McDonalds has updated their menus.

The old menu included items such as the McChicken, McMuffins, and Chicken McNuggets. 

They have also changed the name of the chicken nugget, the McNugget and the Chicken McNuggy. 

On the menu, there are no longer a line of Chicken McNums or Chicken McMuffings. 

However, McDonalds still has the Chicken and Chicken McBites and the McBite with a side of fries.

There are also no more McNuggets, just a line up of McDouble and McDouble.

This new trailer does not mention the new Chicken McNuge and McMuffet.

It also does not say that the chicken is made from ground beef, or the new McChicken.

A new poster has also been released for the ad, and it includes a different version of the new menu.

One thing to note is that this trailer does show a new line up in the new restaurant, which is still up and running.

The line has been reduced to just the two women.

Another thing to point out is that there is no new line for the chicken sandwich anymore.

Instead, the menu now says that the McMcFries are a McBakey, and there are other items that the women can choose from.

Finally, a McDonalds spokesperson has now released a statement to say that there was nothing wrong with the previous McDonalds menu and that the company is happy to have the “Mc McDonalds Experience” back in their restaurant.

We look forward to returning to our new restaurant and welcoming customers to our beloved McDonalds experience,” the spokesperson wrote in a statement.

McDonald on the other hand has not commented on the new ads.

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