How to stay in control of your personal data: Freedom Industries

Freedom Industries has launched a new service that lets customers control their personal data, and it’s an easy way to do so.

For $2.99 per month, Freedom Industries customers can buy the Freedom Analytics app, which lets them access their personal information through an interactive interface.

The app will let customers upload images, videos, contacts and other data to the service, which will then store that information on their devices for two years.

“Customers can choose to share and manage their data with Freedom Analytics or to remain anonymous,” Freedom Industries said in a statement.

“Customers with access to the Freedom App will be able to access all data for the next two years.”

Freedom Industries said it is committed to privacy and transparency, and is “the only company that provides this service on its own platform.”

The company has not said when the app will be available, but it said it will launch it on April 14.

The Freedom Analytics service will be accessible only to Freedom Industries’ customers, who can log in with their email addresses and passwords.

Customers will also be able customize the data that Freedom Analytics stores on their device by creating personalizations, such as adding the name of a specific friend or a specific phone number, Freedom said.

The company is also looking for data-security experts to help it analyze customer data and identify trends.

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