How to fix the ‘Industrial Light’ of the future: Turning industrial light into electricity

The industrial light of the next decade will be powered by electricity.

And that’s why we’re building it in the first place.

And here’s how.

The goal is to be the first to build the world’s first 100MW power station, a project that will transform our industry and provide jobs and economic opportunities for millions of people around the world.

That’s why the Trump administration has asked us to build a 100MW industrial light that can generate electricity for nearly 20 million homes.

We’ll build the first of these 100MW projects, a facility in North Carolina that will power about 150,000 homes, starting next month.

We’re building the world, not just a factory.

It’s also a factory that can create jobs for millions, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

The plant will produce electricity for hundreds of thousands of homes and hundreds of millions of households across the U.S., and will generate about $15 billion in annual jobs.

We’ve been working with local governments to set up incentives and provide tax breaks to spur the project.

This project is a win for everyone.

Now, we’ll work to deliver it to communities around the country that will be in the hardest hit by climate change, and we will get to work to make sure that this is a 100-year, sustainable, clean-energy plant.

As part of this effort, we will create a program that helps the federal government fund projects like this to help communities adapt to the changing climate.

We will help the federal, state and local governments work together to make this a truly successful project, one that will generate clean, renewable energy that will serve the people of this country for generations to come.

This plant will create hundreds of jobs and create thousands of new jobs for Americans.

The first 100 MW of industrial power will be produced in North Dakota and Texas, with a total capacity of about 1,200MW, in a project called the Green Energy Generating Station, or GGE.

The $15-billion plant will have its first gigawatt of electricity when it’s complete, and it will generate nearly a third of the nation’s electricity.

The Green Energy Generation Station is a joint venture between GE and the United States Department of Energy.

The facility will have the largest wind and solar farms in the United State and Canada.

It will produce nearly one gigawatts of electricity annually, and will supply more than 1 million homes with clean energy.

The GGE will help create thousands more jobs and will create about 1.8 million new jobs by 2020, according to the White House.

The Trump administration also asked us in a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to help build this plant.

That project is an investment in infrastructure and new technology, and a win.

GE will invest $15.5 billion to build two wind turbines and a solar farm at the Green Power Project in North Dakota, Iowa.

We are helping to create thousands and thousands of jobs, and that’s a big win for everybody involved.

This $15 million investment will help support hundreds of hundreds of construction jobs, the jobs of thousands more people, and the jobs created by the facility itself, which will create 1,400 jobs, according, to the GGE website.

The green energy generation facility will be a $4.6 billion project in Texas, and GE will also work with Texas to help develop its new nuclear power plants.

The Texas nuclear plant will help provide electricity to over a million homes and more than 4,000 nuclear power plant workers.

The project will be the largest in the nation.

The federal government will contribute $1.5 million to help fund the project, and Texas will contribute about $1 billion to the project over 20 years.

In addition to helping Texas meet its goals to meet its renewable energy goals, the GCE project will also help bring jobs and jobs to the state.

The plants power will generate $9.3 billion in economic benefits for the state and its residents, and $3.6 million in tax revenue, according the GEE website.

This is a huge win for the people and communities of Texas and for the U,S.

economy, and this is the first 100MWh industrial light to be built in this country.

The next 100MW will be built at the West Virginia plant, which is the only commercial facility currently operating that produces clean, safe, and affordable electricity, and also has a nuclear reactor.

This will help meet the country’s goals to build 100MW of clean energy by 2020.

This facility will produce almost one gigwatt of power annually, which it will provide more than a million people with clean, reliable, and reliable electricity.

In 2021, this plant will be installed in the state of Wisconsin, a state that has made climate change one of its top priorities.

Wisconsin also helped build the project through a tax incentive program, which was awarded $1 million from

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