China’s military and military-linked firms are the biggest winners in the Trump trade war

The Trump administration has struck deals to allow Chinese military and defense companies to sell more weapons and equipment to the United States in exchange for a pledge to buy American.

The administration’s announcement Friday was the largest trade win yet for the Chinese military, the world’s biggest military force.

The announcement came a day after the Pentagon announced that President Donald Trump had signed a $1.6 billion deal to sell U.S. defense equipment to China, including the F-35 fighter jet and $300 million in military equipment for the Navy.

The deal, announced Friday, was the first major U.N. trade agreement since President Trump took office.

It was also the largest military deal to be struck in more than a decade.

The Pentagon said that the $1 billion in military aid would be used for procurement of military equipment and to support the development of U. S. Navy vessels.

It was unclear what the funds would be spent on.

The move was aimed at addressing the U.K. decision to leave the European Union in 2019, a move that would have created a huge trade deficit for China.

Trump has repeatedly said he wants to negotiate a trade deal with China, and it’s possible the new arms deals could be part of that effort.

But Beijing has been reluctant to engage with the United Kingdom, saying it’s unfair to have U. K. exporters subsidizing Chinese arms sales.

China also has an unfair economic advantage in the region, because the country imports more than it exports, and U. k. exports are disproportionately higher than its imports.

The Chinese defense deal was announced after the Trump administration also announced a $2.9 billion aid package for the U,S.

military to help with a new nuclear missile defense system.

China also announced Friday that it had agreed to sell weapons to the U.,S.

Navy to help keep its fleet of warships in the South China Sea.

The agreement also allows the U and U, S. military ships to share information about each other’s movements in the area.

The Trump administration said that Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed on a number of important military cooperation areas, including sharing information on other nations’ defense plans, sharing intelligence and working to improve coordination between their military forces.

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